Remote Access is a tool that allows Administrator to remotely manage the end user’s device.  The solution provides a real time view of the remote device screen and allows the administrator to take control of the keyboard after being granted consent by the user.

To run Remote Access go to devices list view, select a device and press   in the Action Box. Now select Run Remote Support and click Apply.


You will see the “Waiting for user approval” message on your screen and “Reading configuration” message on your device. After a while you will be asked if you agree for a Remote Access, so click “Yes” and the device’ screen will appear on your computer. 

2017-05-05 16_22_30-FAMOC - Devices.pngScreenshot_2017-05-09-09-53-04.png

Once the device is connected to FAMOC you can see the screen and make all necessary changes.

Additionally, on the bottom right corner there are three useful buttons. 

Button refresh.png refreshes the connections with the device.

By clicking Settings iconsettings.pnga new tab appears on the right side of the screen where you can decide about the quality of the displayed device’ screen. Save all changes by clicking Apply.


When you click the File Manager  file manager.png you will be able to see all the folders and files that are on the device you are currently accessing. In this section you can download the files to your computer, put the files from your computer to the device, add folders on the device and replace files among device’s folders.


You can minimize the window and close session by using the buttons in the right top corner  minimize.png and maximize the screen with oko.png in the right bottom corner.