What is Managed Google Play?

Managed Google Play allows you to publish, manage and distribute applications in your enterprise's Google Play Store. These applications will be available for users in the Google Play app on Android devices with a managed work profile. Android Enterprise allows you to create managed work profiles on Android devices. The same Google account is used for both services.

Enrolling a Managed Google Play Account

First, navigate to the Organization Settings via the “User Menu” button. To do so, hover over your user ame in the top right corner and select Settings.

Then, in the Android tab, click “Enroll” in the Managed Google Play Account section.

A picture below presents how the process looks like. The first step is to click “Authorize Google”.

You’ll be forwarded to Google’s Admin sign up portal to create a new enterprise. Click “Sign in” and enter your organizations’ Google account credentials to be used for Managed Google Play and Android Enterprise. The account used will become the owner for the enterprise. If you are already logged in to your Google account in the browser, you can use that session. 

Note: The account used cannot be a G Suite account.



After signing in you’ll be forwarded back to the Admin sign up portal. Click “Get started”, fill in the required Business name field. Then click “Next” to proceed.



Fill in the Data Protection Officer and EU Representative data if available. Providing the data at this point is optional. Read the Managed Google Play agreement and tick the box at the bottom of the page then click “Confirm” and finally “Complete Registration”.


At this point, you’ll be redirected to FAMOC and notified of the account successful enrollment. Click “Next” to proceed and publish your applications.

Managing applications

After a successful Managed Google Play Account enrollment, the “Manage Apps” button becomes available, in addition to the “Unenroll” button, in the Organization Settings’ Android tab. The “Manage Apps” button allows you to quickly access to the “Publish apps” step of the wizard at any time. The applications added in FAMOC will be automatically displayed, along with their current Managed Play Store availability setting. To publish one or more applications enable the toggles for their respective entries, then click “Next”.

At this point, the system will fetch application permissions for review and acceptance. If an application does not require any permissions it will automatically be published. Applications requiring permissions need to be reviewed and accepted manually before publishing by ticking the appropriate box in the “Confirm” column. You can also approve apps in the Managed Google Play. To do so, sign in to the managed Google Play and search for the app you’d like to approve. Click “Approve” and follow the instructions on screen. All the applications you previously approved through the Managed Google Play will be displayed on the list and their status will be automatically toggled as "Enable"

When all applications are processed, the setup will be finished. The applications will appear in the devices Managed Google Play Store app within minutes.

To add more apps to the managed Google Play Store, go to the APPS> MANAGED GOOGLE STORE.

Then, from the menu on the left, select adding an application from the Play Store, adding a private application from an .apk file, or creating a web application - a shortcut to a specific address that will be displayed on the device as an application icon.