FAMOC allows you to configure iOS apps, so after the installation some of the options would be already set up. We will show you on example of Microsoft Outlook how to configure certain parameters for end users.

To start, add the application to the FAMOC system. Go to ADVANCED > Config center > Applications. Click Add application.

Choose Add application from Apple App Store and click Select to go to the next step. Enter the name of the app (in this case it is Outlook) and click Next.

In the last step click Save to confirm adding application.

To edit app settings click its name on the list of apps. Click on the Configuration tab and select from the Configuration method menu - Custom configuration parameters.

Click Add parameter. In the table below new row will appear. In the Key name field you have to provide specified key values.

Available keys and values are listed in the table below. All of these keys start with com.microsoft.outlook.EmailProfile (e.g. com.microsoft.outlook.EmailProfile.EmailAccountName).


Accepted value


Display name


Email address


UPN or username


Authentication method




Domain name


Authentication model

NOTE: Parameter keys for any application can be usually found on the developer’s website.

You can select Value from field or provide Custom value according to the table. The example settings may look as follows:

In order for the parameters to display correctly, you must fill in the appropriate fields in the user's details.

Once everything is set click Save. You can now install the app manually or add it to any policy. It will be installed on the device with provided parameters.