FAMOC reporting tool gives you access to a lot of data that you might find useful. You can generate reports manually but you can also set up schedule to receive reports via e-mail so you can keep an eye on the the devices you manage.

To create a schedule navigate to ADVANCED > Reports tab.

Select a tab from the left side menu.

Let’s say you wish to receive information about policies status on the devices. Select Current device status tab and find Policy status report.

There are three possible actions:

Generate report

Add schedule

Show schedules

Click Add schedule button. It will open a window with schedule settings. You can set up schedule intervals (Every day, Every weekday, Every week, Every month) and start date. In the field below add list of recipients emails separated by semicolon. Make sure that Activate schedule checkbox is on.

In the next section add message details (Sender details, Subject, Email content and optionally Footer of the email). To finish click Save.

From now on you will receive emails according to the schedule settings. Report will be generated as csv file.

If you wish to change report settings click on Show schedules  button. You have a possibility to Deactivate - Edit -  or Delete  schedule.