In this section the user can view the status of devices and applications managed by FAMOC and monitor system alerts.

There are multiple reports that can be added to the monitoring interface. Reports can be shown as a chart, table or number.

Report types

Number – displays desired report as a number (sometimes with additional information like total amount)

Bar chart – chart that uses vertical bars to show comparisons between categories.

Bar horizontal chart - chart that uses horizontal bars to show comparisons between categories.

Pie chart - a circular chart divided into sectors, illustrating numerical proportion.

Table - displays data in rows and columns.

At the top of each report in the Monitoring tab there’s an action menu that allow users to perform the following actions: export reports to pdf, send an email with pdf attached, check for details or refresh data. Menu appears after user points the mouse on top of the report.

Functions of the Chart Action Menu

    show/hide legend (available only for pie chart) – click to show/hide legend

    export to pdf –save the report as a pdf file to the computer

    send report – send an email with a pdf file attached

    show details – display information about the report in the Reports tab

    refresh – update status of the report

NOTE: For “number” type of report, only “show details” and “refresh” buttons are available.

The user can customize information shown on the pie chart by checking/unchecking positions in the chart legend.

Using the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen the user can define which reports are displayed in the Monitoring section, resize and change the layout of reports.

Clicking the Settings icon causes the display of additional button: add report . Click or tap to expand the list of available reports.

Managing reports

    Change report type – This widget allows the user to change a report type. Click on it and select the desired report type to be displayed. Available report types: bar chart, bar horizontal chart, pie chart, table.

    Remove report – By clicking this widget the user will remove report from monitoring

Resize – The user can set the size of the report by grabbing one of the 4 corners and moving it to resize as desired. Such change has some restrictions: must meet the requirements of ratio size. Requirements are different for each type of the report. While resizing the green color informs if the current size meets the requirements of the ratio.

The larger the chart, the more details and information it displays. In case of the small report the user must move the cursor to the selected bar to see the detailed information.

Changing layout

To change the position of the report, the user must drag it and move to the desired position.

Saving changes

All changes done in the “Settings” mode will be saved after clicking/tapping on the “Settings” button. Exiting Monitoring settings straight to the other tab will not save changes.