This section allows managing all user accounts. Clicking the column name allows you to sort by any property in the list view.

Select button – by clicking this button you will select all users on the page.

Selected users count is visible next to the “Select” button.

Add user – this button opens the user creator. (See 2.1 Adding users)

 Search module – allows to search for users by name or login.

 Table settings – allows to add or remove columns from the users tab view.

Selecting users from the list allows administrator to perform actions for multiple users at the same time.

Customizing Users list

Clicking a column name allows you to sort by any property in the list view. There is also a possibility to customise which columns are displayed, by using Customize table view button C:\Users\lukasz.orzeszek\Desktop\Dokumenty\GUI - devices guide\screeny\6.png. All available columns are grouped listed on the left side of the Action box, while columns currently visible in the Users list are displayed on the right side. The administrator can drag and drop any column to change the order or the list of displayed columns. To accept changes confirm by pressing Save.

Adding a user

Click the Add user button  to open user creator. In the first step add basic user information such as: name, surname, login, email, country and language.

Once the user is created, administrator can fill additional information in user sub-tabs: Details, Groups & roles, Settings and Certificates.

Click the field in order to add or edit information.

All user management actions can be performed in the menu above the user avatar and the Action box. 

Action box group name

Available actions


Quick actions

  • Delete user

  • Enroll device

  • Force password change

  • Lock user account

  • Unlock user account

  • Change platform


Edit users

  • Change country

  • Change password

  • Change SIM card

Groups and roles

  • Assign to group

  • Assign to role

  • Detach from group

  • Detach from role