The Notifications icon located on the top left side of the USER MENU allows the user (with required roles attached) to view and manage issues reported via alerts. The notification system also handles news. This feature informs the user about the recent changes in FAMOC, as well as other important information i.e. server maintenance.

After clicking the icon, the notification panel will appear. Additional options for actions will be displayed on Notifications bar (if one or more items are selected), as well as Settings, which sends the user to the notifications settings tab (within the details panel of the User Menu, see below).

The alerts are grouped by their priority. To see what type of alerts are listed as Important/Moderate/Minor click the specific item on the list. Then you’ll see the list of different alerts. By clicking on a specific alert type you’ll see what devices are affected by this issue. Depending on the level and alert type, some actions may be taken, such as mark as read, mark as unread, mark as ignored, resolve issue, show details. The list of alerts can be filtered by time of occurence and status (read, unread, ignored, resolved) for convenience. Certain alerts can be easily resolved using the resolve issue function and selecting the desired action.

The notification system can also be accessed from the Notifications tab within the device details view. The contents will be automatically filtered to display only alerts generated for the specific device.