Below is the list of parameters on Installer policy settings tab:



Installer policy

Application installer lock

If set, there will be no possibility to install applications on the device.

Availability: Android, Apple, Windows Phone 8.1/10, Device Owner devices

Notification when application installation is blocked

You can set a notification that will appear on a device when user tries to install application. Default: Application installation is not allowed

Availability: Android

Allow USB debugging

If set, USB debugging can be set on device.

Available for Device Owner, Android Samsung from Enterprise SDK 3.0 and for Android Sony with Enterprise SDK from 5.0 and Windows Phone 8.1/10. USB debugging is blocked by default.

Unknown sources lock

If set, the possibility to change the unknown sources setting is blocked

Availability: Device Owner, Android Samsung with Enterprise SDK 2.0 and Windows 10 Mobile

Disable accounts modification

If set, the possibility to add, edit or delete an account will be locked

Availability: Device Owner

Disable application control

If set, users will not be able to modify app (uninstall, stop, clear app data). Availability: Android Device Owner

Manual installation of the root certificate lock

If set, there will be no possibility to install the root certificate manually.

Availability: Windows Phone 8.1/10

Installer policy settings