With the proper wi-fi configuration created in FAMOC, users will be able to connect to the company’s wi-fi network without the necessity to enter all the network details manually.

In this example we will show you how to configure PSK based connection and certificate based connection.

To create wi-fi configuration navigate to ADVANCED Config center and click Add configuration.

Select Connectivity/Networking > WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network).

First, let’s select WPA-PSK (WPA-PSK security protocol).

Enter configuration name (description is optional). You can also add the configuration to corporate store and set it as quick action.


Next, enter the SSID (network name) manually or use one of the custom fields (they can be defined in ADVANCED > Settings > System advanced > Custom fields tab). You should also select SSID visibility.

In the last step define Preshared key which will be used to authenticate users. You have similar options - enter the key manually or use one of the custom fields. You can also choose to prompt users to enter the key.

Optionally, you can configure Proxy settings.

To confirm your settings click Save. Now, you can add configuration to a policy so it will be automatically downloaded anytime policy is refreshed. If you made it available in corporate store users will be also able to download it manually if needed.

If you prefer certificate based authentication for Wi-Fi connection create configuration for WLAN settings - 802.1x EAP. Provide the basic details of configuration like the NameDescription etc.

You can add certificate from file in a CA certificate section.

You can also use Client certificate. From the dropdown menu choose appropriate option: certificate from FAMOC databaseCertificate from file or certificate from CA server.

NOTE: You can add CA server in an ADVANCED > Settings Servers tab.

Additionally you can provide Identity details, Password or set up Proxy for that connection. Once all is set Save configuration and add it to the policy or send to the devices directly.