Despite the current situation, we're not slowing down and we already present you a new version of our system - FAMOC manage 5.7! Check out new improvements and changes?

Improvements in managing applications and configurations

In FAMOC 5.7 we have added a lot of improvements in applications and configurations management, as well as introduced changes in the company store view.

The following options appeared in applications management:

  • the ability to automatically install and automatically update applications available in the company store,
  • new tabs in application details: Logs, Target devices, Configurations.

In configuration management, we've added options:

  • install configuration only in the work profile,
  • the ability to automatically install and automatically reinstall configurations assigned to the company store.

We've also made changes to the corporate store view. Now applications and configurations that are intended for the corporate part have a briefcase icon, while those applications that can be installed in both - the corporate and the private part - are visible as two separate (with the briefcase icon and without). This means that the store can have the same application with and without a briefcase, so we can easily install the application in both parts of the device.

New options in downloading device information

In FAMOC 5.7 you can download selected data from the device - we can, for example, download only informations about basic parameters, applications or certificates from the device. We can easily choose and download only the data we are interested in, without downloading many other information. Thanks to that, download of your data is faster and server usage is reduced.

Improvements in contacts synchronization 

In order to make using business book easier, in FAMOC 5.7 we moved its synchronization options to the Base Agent. Thanks to this, contacts can be now synchronized in the corporate part (in BYOD mode) or in the private part of the device (in Device Owner mode). It is no longer necessary to install the Backup Agent for Android devices to enable the business book on managed devices. The Android Backup Agent will soon be deprecated. In addition, now you can set the contacts synchronization interval.

We plan to introduce contacts synchronization in COPE mode in the FAMOC manage version 5.8.

Support for a new language in admin console

FAMOC manage 5.7 introduces a new language in the administration console! In this version, besides Polish and English, the administrator can also choose Spanish language.

New mode in FAMOC

A new role has appeared in FAMOC manage 5.7. We can now assign a semi-administrator access to a specific organization only in the preview mode.

*Contact your FAMOC manage provider in order to activate this option in your interface.

New interface changes

Please be advised that we will soon prevent users of disabling the new interface. The new interface of the FAMOC manage system is being developed more and more and many management options are allowed only in this interface. For the sake of security and usability of the system, we recommend using the new interface from now on.

If you have any questions, please contact us at You can also visit our FAMOC manage roadmap and check out the FAMOC manage 5.7 documentation on our support portal.