How to add Knox Service Plugin to FAMOC

The Knox Service Plugin (KSP) is Samsung’s OEMConfig based solution that enables IT administrators to use a wide range of Knox management features on their EMM consoles as soon as they are commercially available in the market.

Knox Service Plugin is one of the so-called pre-installed apps in FAMOC. This means that if the application has not been previously added to the system, it will be automatically imported if the Managed Google Play is correctly configured in the organization. Once the organization is integrated with MGP, Knox Service Plugin will be added during first synchronization.

NOTE: Minimum device requirements for KSP: Android 9+ (Knox 3.2.1+)

Full instructions on the configuration of MGP can be found here.

How to configure policies via KSP

KSP settings are a part of the policy template (they can be found in the Advanced > Settings > Policies section). To configure those settings, simply navigate to the Security options section of the policy you wish to use. Then go to the Samsung KSP tab and click Enable Samsung KNOX Service Plugin.

Then click Edit Configuration. KSP provides a number of configurable parameters. To facilitate navigation in the settings, you can use the search field.

List of all available parameters can be found here:

How to deploy policies

Once set up, Knox Service Plugin is ready to be deployed to your devices. All you have to do is to refresh the policy on the devices. Click the flag icon next to the policy you use. It will open the window with policy status. Click Refresh Policy.

In the last step select the devices, set the operation schedule and click Send.

How to use KSP debug mode

Debug mode can be helpful in testing and deploying your setup. By default, KSP runs in the background and has no user interface. Debug mode allows you to view the results and policy errors on the device so you can verify that your configurations are correct. When enabled, it runs an application that displays the policy status. This application should start automatically when a new policy is received.

You can read more about Debug mode in the KNOX Documentation available here.

KSP error messages and troubleshooting scenarios

The error messages allow you to quickly identify a problem with the KSP configuration. To check if there are any errors find the device on the Devices list and check its details. Then go to the Applications on the device tab and on the list find Knox Service Plugin. Click the three dots icon () next to the Application entry and select Application feedback.

This will display a list of all errors along with their error codes.

The list of errors with possible causes and suggested solutions is available here.

Useful links:

Samsung's KSP admin guide:
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