FAMOC manage 5.14 brings some big changes! 

We have a little Christmas gift for you and for all of your devices - Android and Apple ones! A time has come for the last version this year: FAMOC manage 5.14! ?  


Read below about all of the improvements and sing up for the live-demo webinar about this version which will take place on Wednesday, December 23 at 11:00 (CEST) ?

Custom settings bar in Launcher

In FAMOC manage 5.14 there's a new custom settings bar in Launcher. It's available under Show custom settings bar option in Launcher configuration.

Some of the new options are:

/ Enable / disable custom settings bar

/ Panel position: top / bottom of the screen

/ Theme: light / dark (colour of the custom fields and settings button background)

/ Enable / disable settings


There's also a possibility to define max 2 custom fields that will be shown on the custom bar. This option is especially useful when the device is rented or used by many different users - you can always see on top of the screen whose device it is or to which company it belongs. 

Monitor the lock code change 

Now you have the possibility to monitor any lock code changes - it can be a great benefit for example in a company in which several employees use the same device and the lock code should be known to all of them. In FAMOC manage 5.14 there's a possibility to resend automatically the Change device lock code operation when Base Agent detects the change performed by the user. This option can be enabled in Change device lock code configuration (Notify of the changed lock code by user option). 

Android installer lock improvements

Now it is possible to create accounts with installer lock option - Disable accounts modification option is now moved to the application restrictions section. There's also a new option: Accounts creation using Google Play - enabled / disabled. When installer lock is set, accounts creation using Google Play is automatically disabled.

VPN Strongswan configuration enhancements

There are 2 new options regarding VPN Strongswan:

1/ You can now block connection without VPN when "Always on" option is set, so that the user can't use Internet without using VPN. 

2/ There's also a possibility to determine the way how FAMOC agents will connect (via VPN or without VPN) when the the above option is not set. 

Support for sending common OS updates

In FAMOC manage 5.14 you will also find some improvements for Apple devices.


First of all, now you have an easy and fast possibility to send common OS updates to Apple, Samsung and Zebra devices. Thanks to that you don't have to update each and every device but you can update all of them at once!

VPP apps enhancements 

In FAMOC manage 5.14 you can also perform an automatic update of the Apple apps based on the available VPP apps. There's a list of unidentified or not imported VPP apps that you can now check and import. You can see the import status in the real time.

VPN configuration improvements

You can now lock VPN on demand option on device using iOS VPN configuration (there's a new option - Lock connect on demand). Thanks to that you can disable a device button VPN on demand so that the user can't use it. 

Support for macOS wipe and lock device 

In FAMOC manage 5.14 we added two new options for macOS devices - wipe and lock device. Both of these operations can be performed instantly or can be planned. While blocking a macOS device you can also set up a lock screen message (for example "This device was stolen") and a phone number which will appear on the screen. 

Wipe operation on macOS device

Lock operation on macOS device

New macOS and iOS configurations 

In FAMOC manage 5.14 there's also a list of new macOS and iOS configurations: encrypted DNS settings, Active Directory and global preferences configuration with options of auto logout delay, fast user switching and showing scroll bars. 


We also now support iOS, iPadOS and tvOS 14.3

SAML integration improvements

In FAMOC manage 5.14 we also improved some features in the FAMOC console. First of all, there's a new enhancement in SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language is used for authentication) integration - now  you have a possibility to map additional user fields (like name, surname, exchange email). Thanks to that you can define more fields and information about user that you can use later!

New features and device data in new UI

In the new system interface you have some new features like:

/ possibility to select all devices / apps in Action box when applying operations: Install/ Uninstall apps from the application list or device list

/ preview of the synchronized business contacts on Device details > Sync status tab

/ preview of the shortcuts included in the COSU policy (on single device enrollment modal and Device details > Device status tab)

/ app version visibility on policy components list.