FAMOC allows you to define a WiFi network, the configuration of which will always be available on devices. This means that even if the network is forgotten on purpose or accidentally, the configuration will be restored.

To use this functionality, we must first create a network configuration. We can do it in the Configurations tab. Click the plus icon, then select Android configuration and WLAN configuration. Then we enter data such as SSID, password or authorization method.

Of course, we can create several configurations for different networks in this way.

Once we have the configurations created, we need to add them as a policy element. On the policy editing screen, go to the Policy components section, and then click Select configuration. Select specific configurations from the list and click Select to add them to the policy.

Then, in the policy, go to the Security options >  Network policy section and select the “Monitor list of the managed Wifi configurations” option on the list:

Now we can apply the policy on the device. Thanks to the introduced changes, in the event of removing one of the managed WiFi networks from the device, the administrator will receive a notification in the FAMOC console in the form of an alert, while the configuration will be automatically re-sent to the device.