Changing the date on the device may cause e.g. problems with the operation of certificates installed on the device. They are usually issued with a specific expiry date. Incorrect date on the device may make it impossible to use the certificate to authorize access, e.g. to a corporate Wifi network.

FAMOC manage allows you to force the device to have an automatic date and time based on data downloaded from the network. To use this option, you must set the appropriate function in the device policy.

After logging in to the FAMOC system, go to the ADVANCED -> Settings -> Policies tab. Then select the policy to edit and go to the Security options -> Application restrictions section. Check the "Force automatic date and time" option.

Then we need to apply the policy on the device. As a result of the applied changes on the device, it will not be possible to manually change the time settings. When trying to make changes, the user will be informed that this option has been blocked by the administrator.

The applied policy on the device looks as follow: