Do you know these features of FAMOC manage 5.20?

Hi there! FAMOC manage 5.20 is already here and it brings us a lot of interesting features and improvements. This time we won't hold a webinar about changes, but we've prepared something even better ? a recap video!


Tomasz Szramke explained 3 key features of this version,

so enjoy the video and check out more details below ? 

Android zero-touch and Samsung KME changes

Android zero-touch and Samsung KME are two of a few enrollment methods possible in FAMOC manage. In FAMOC manage 5.20 we've added some changes to both of them! Now, during setup of the integration, administrator can select one of the following:


✔️ no authentication - device will be enrolled automatically,

✔️ user credentials - during enrollment process, WebView will be displayed where user will be prompted for the credentials or (if available in organization) authenticate using SAML,

✔️ enrollment code - during enrollment process, WebView will be displayed where user will be prompted for the enrollment code.


In addition, administrator can select the enrollment method - fully managed, WPC or COSU.


Now the administrator has a full range of possible settings at his disposal to provide users with the best levels of security that are tailored to the organization! 

Additional support for users privacy

In Famoc, we pay the greatest attention to the privacy of end users. That's why we provide you with more and more security solutions. In this version, we've added a possibility to define which sections of the device monitor are reported in the policy. In all types of the policies it is now possible to select which part of the data of device monitor session (eg. basic params, apps, certificates, disk, etc.) should be reported.


Thank to that, you can define to which data admins will have access to. This will significantly improve employee privacy and allow your company to be even more GDPR compliant!

Users & authentication section 

The Settings tab in FAMOC manage 5.20 is easier to use than ever! We've added there a new section: users & authentication that contains:


✔️ two-factor authentication settings that gives you a possibility to set second factor for logging into FAMOC manage console,

✔️ Azure Active Directory integration with users & groups synchronization,

✔️ SAML integration settings are now moved from the general settings tab to this new, separate view,

✔️ Swivel authentication,

✔️ user authorization screen with possibility to set the custom logo and EULA on the enrollment WebView.

In addition, Azure AD integration got a new enhancement - user and group fields mapping! Similar to the normal Active Directory mapping, administrator can select the field from FAMOC manage (predefined or custom field) and an attribute from Azure AD to be assigned to it.


Also, Azure, SAML and Swivel integrations have now a refreshed view - modal that guides you through the settings step by step. It's now far more convenient!

BYOD restrictions for iOS and macOS

We didn't forget about the iOS and macOS users! In FAMOC manage 5.20 you can find some new restrictions for BYOD mode on those devices, including:

  • disable automatically submitting diagnostic reports to Apple (macOS),
  • disable Siri (iOS),
  • disable notifications history view on the lock screen (iOS),
  • disable managed applications to use the iCloud (iOS),
  • force encrypted backup (iOS),
  • force wrist detection on Apple Watch (iOS),
  • do not allow to share managed documents using AirDrop (iOS),
  • do not allow to share data from managed/unmanaged apps (iOS),
  • force to set lock code - this enforces a strong 6 characters+ passcode (iOS),
  • block screen capture (iOS)...

...and many more! With every FAMOC manage version it's getting easier and easier to manage Apple devices, right? ;)