FAMOC manage provides an easy way to share files within the managed organization.

To send a selected file to one or more devices, we can use the configuration that allows file sharing on Android devices. To do this, go to the CONFIGURATIONS tab, and then click the plus icon to add a new one.

Then we select the Android platform, the Tools category and the configuration named Upload file.

In the next step, we set the configuration parameters:

Path - the folder to which we want to send the file (if it does not exist, it will be created)


  • Documents -  the Documents folder will be created

  • Download/Documents -  the Documents subfolder will be created in the Download directory

Unpack - if we send a file in .zip format, we can unpack it immediately

File name - under which the file should be saved

Source - we can upload the file directly from the computer or provide the address from where the file is to be sent (it can be an url or ftp address - in the second case, we can also provide login details, port and path).

Then we go through the steps and save the configuration. After it is applied to the device (in the same way as any other configuration), the file will be sent to the selected devices in accordance with the entered parameters.

Select a configuration from the list, then click Apply on device, select devices in the dialog box and confirm.