What is Cisco Secure Endpoint

Cisco Secure Endpoint provides comprehensive protection against malware attacks. It prevents attacks, blocks malware, and constantly monitors and analyzes file and process activity to quickly detect, mitigate, and remove threats that might bypass other security measures.

Cisco Secure Endpoint integrates prevention, threat detection, and response into a single solution, leveraging the power of cloud analytics.

Adding Cisco Security Connector to FAMOC manage

For the Cisco Secure Endpoint service to function properly, the Cisco Security Connector application must be installed on the devices. Cisco Security Connector can be added to FAMOC manage just like any other application. Simply go to the APPLICATIONS tab and click + button to add a new app.

Then select the platform - Apple. Select the option to add an application from the iOS Apple Store. 

Enter Cisco Security Connector in the search field, select the appropriate application from the list, and click Next.

Then continue with the steps up to the confirmation screen.

Cisco Security Connector configuration in FAMOC manage

To properly configure the Cisco Security Endpoint service, a dedicated configuration implemented in FAMOC manage should be used. For it to work properly, we also need a configuration file downloaded from the Secure Endpoint portal - https://sso-apps.security.cisco.com/.

After logging in to the console, from the Management tab, select the Deploy Clarity for iOS option.

Then select a group of devices from the list (it must be previously defined in the Cisco console).

Download the file by selecting the Download profile.

Then we log back into the FAMOC manage console. Go to the CONFIGURATIONS tab and add a new configuration by clicking the plus icon in the upper left corner

Select Apple Platform, then iOS, iPadOS. Select the configuration type - Security and the configuration named Cisco Secure Endpoint (AMP) iOS Settings.

In the next step, upload the previously prepared file.

Then go through the steps until the confirmation screen.

When the configuration is complete, add it to the Cisco Security Connector application. Go back to the APPLICATIONS tab and go to the Cisco Security Connector application.

Then go to the Configurations tab, select the configuration method - Predefined.

Search by name for the previously created configuration and click Apply.

From now on, the configuration will be automatically applied to the devices during the installation of the application.