It's been a while since the last version of FAMOC manage was released. It was worth waiting, however, because FAMOC manage 5.24 brings many changes. Tomasz will tell you about the most interesting of them in the video, and more information about this version can be found below.

Shared devices

FAMOC manage 5.24 introduces a solution enabling the use of one device by many users with separate profiles. Each user will have access to their own files, settings and applications. This solution will be used especially in areas where work takes place in shifts, e.g. companies dealing with delivery of parcels, security of facilities or cleaning. After finishing work, the employee will be able to put the device down, and the next person starting work will be able to use the same equipment with access to personal settings.

Today we are releasing the first version of this solution, the basis of the mechanism for managing users and switching between them on devices. Due to the fact that this is just the beginning, we mark it as a beta version at the moment. However, we make it available for use now and at the same time, we encourage you to submit comments or ideas about this function.

Location monitor integrated with the Base Agent

From this version, FAMOC manage Location Monitor will cease to be a separate application and will become an integral part of the Base Agent. This will eliminate the need to install the Location Monitor separately from the Base Agent, which will speed up the device enrollment process. Still, for Location Monitor to be active, Location Services must be enabled in the policy.

Possibility to define default applications for COSU mode

FAMOC manage 5.24 will also allow you to define in which application files should be opened on devices operating in COSU mode. The administrator will be able to choose the default application to open documents in .pdf, .doc, .xls and other format, and only the selected application will allow opening the specified files. 

Independent installation of policy elements

We have also improved the process of installing configurations and applications assigned to the policy. From now on, they will be installed independently of each other, which means that if you have several or a dozen applications from the Managed Google Play Store, the applications will be installed independently, which will significantly speed up the process of preparing the device for use. 

Smart groups

In this version of FAMOC manage, we also introduce a solution that will allow you to automate the assignment of a new device to a specific group based on selected parameters. This means that the FAMOC manage system administrator will be able, for example, to choose a platform, registration method or a specific model and create a separate group to which each device that meets the given condition will be assigned. In practice, this gives the possibility of automatically assigning devices with Android 11 or later to one group, and all iOS devices to another, thanks to which the devices receive separate policy settings.

We also remind you that the FAMOC manage 5.24 version will be the last one to support Centos 6 servers. Upgrade to Centos 7. For more information, please contact the FAMOC support team.