Check Point Harmony is the industry's first solution to unify device, user and remote access security.

It protects devices and Internet connection against the most sophisticated attacks, ensuring access to corporate applications in accordance with the principles of Zero Trust.

FAMOC manage allows the system to be integrated with the Check Point Harmony service, ensuring constant monitoring of devices to protect against potential threats.

Step 1

Activate Checkpoint integration in FAMOC manage.

Step 2

After activation, the organization will automatically create groups corresponding to the Checkpoint threat levels and a role that gives access rights to webservices responsible for integration support.

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Step 3

Then create a new user or give the existing Checkpoint integration role.


Step 4

Then go to the Checkpoint portal, log in and go to settings (1.). Click Integrations (2.) and add new integration (3.).


Select Techstep from the list of UEMs and provide the URL of server and login and password of the user with the Checkpoint integration role. Then proceed with the next steps.


Step 5

In the last step of integration, the generated token should be additionally copied. It will be needed to configure the application in the FAMOC manage console.

Step 6

Then add the Harmony Mobile Protect application from the Google Play store to the FAMOC manage system. After adding, go to the application details, then to the Configurations tab and edit the Android Managed Configuration. Paste the copied token in the appropriate field.

Step 7

Finally, all you have to do is assign the groups created in FAMOC manage (they are based on the danger level set by Checkpoint Harmony) to the appropriate policies. If a potential threat is detected, devices will be automatically assigned to selected groups, and thus their policy will change (e.g. access to corporate networks will be limited for them to be quarantined).