New Year means it's time for

new FAMOC manage! 


Happy New Year and... happy new FAMOC manage! ? That's right - 5.4.0 version is already here and it brings a lot of new features. Check what we've prepared for you for a 2020 kick-off ?

Managed Google Play iframe support

Managed Google Play view is now embedded directly in UI console (suboption of Application tab).


Managed Google Play view contains: 

  • Search apps - allows IT admins to search for and browse Google Play apps, view app details and select apps 
  • Private apps - allows IT admins to publish and manage private apps for their enterprise
  • Web apps - allows IT admins to publish and distribute website shortcuts as apps

When app is selected in this view, it is synchronised to FAMOC and should be enabled in FAMOC store in order to enable it for corporate devices.


NOTE: In order to use this feature, you have to add access to this site to FAMOC manage


iframe en


SafetyNet attestation support

SafetyNet API allows verification of the device integrity, preventing, for example, adding to the system a device that has been rooted by the user, that works on a non-standard ROM or that has been infected with malware.


SafetyNet attestation is checked during device enrollment to FAMOC manage (in both BYOD and Device owner mode) before adding corporate data to the device. If attestation fails, the policy update will not proceed (none of the configurations/apps assigned to the policy will be applied).


In order to set it up, it is required to provide SafetyNet API key. It can be obtained via Google APIs Console. When API key is provided, SafetyNet attestation can be set in general policy settings.

Filter tags on Application tab 

It is now possible to filter Application tab using filter option!

In the current version there are 3 filter areas:

  • Installation source - where we can filter Google Play apps, iOS App Store apps, Managed Google Play apps or in-house apps
  • Major app groups - up to nine most numerous application groups
  • Installation destination - apps prepared for work profile or device part.



Samsung Knox Platform for Enterprise license outside the container

In FAMOC manage 5.4.0 we moved Samsung KPE license from container settings of the policy to general part.


Until now, the KPE license was used to activate the Knox Workspace container, thanks to which the device could use premium features - both inside and outside the container. Now it is possible to enable Samsung KPE license without the setup of the work profile on Samsung devices.


Advanced keyguard management 

In FAMOC manage 5.4.0 you'll find advanced keyguard management of the device and work profile lock screens.


New work profile keyguard features:

  • Disable trust agents (e.g. Google Smart Lock)
  • Allow fingerprint to unlock
  • Disable unredacted notifications

New fully managed device keyguard features:

  • Disable all keyguard features
  • Disable trust agents (e.g. Google Smart Lock)
  • Allow fingerprint to unlock
  • Disable all notifications
  • Disable unredacted notifications
  • Disable secure camera (camera available from the locked screen).

In case of any questions, please contact our Support Team at Also remember to check out our FAMOC manage roadmap and our support portal, where you'll find FAMOC manage 5.4.0 documentation.